Seed Mixes

When you order seed mixes from Conservation Blueprint, you receive seed that is sourced from some of the most reputable seed vendors in the country that we have worked with for 25+ years. You can trust the quality of this product and know that it is brought to you at a great price.

Seed Orders are handled in the following manner:

  • The cost of mixing, bagging and delivery of seed to your location is included in the listed price.
  • Orders for less than 10.0 acres of seed will include a $10 handling fee.
  • The minimum size for a seed order is 1.0 acres.
  • We take seed orders in 0.1 acre increments
  • Once payment is received, a typical seed order is delivered in about 6 to 8 days.
  • We fill all types of conservation program (USDA, USFWS and State) seed orders. Contact us for a bid on your seed mix.
  • We build custom seed mixes. If you want something that doesn’t fit one of our listed mixes, please give us a call.

How To Order Seed

When thinking about purchasing a seed mix for your next pollinator or wildlife habitat project, it’s important to consider what your project objectives are before you start. Considering which key objectives and site conditions are the most important to you will help deliver a successful project in the long run.

Some of the key objectives that may be important when selected a seed mixture include:

  • Cost of the Seed Mixture – your project budget
  • Your ability to perform future management activities on the planting
  • Maximum benefits for honey bees
  • Maximum benefits for monarch butterflies
  • Wanting to benefit a wide range of pollinator species
  • Designed to perform on sandy soil
  • Designed to perform well on loamy soils
  • Ability to perform in a site that started with existing grass cover
  • Designed to restore native prairie values
  • Benefits to upland wildlife species like pheasants, quail, deer, etc.

Look for these key considerations in our custom seed mixtures.

Place your seed order and contact Conservation Blueprint at:
Phone: 308-390- 0848 | E-mail: peter[at]conservationblueprint[dot]com