Conservation Blueprint

Peter S. Berthelsen and Conservation Blueprint will provide you with consulting services for pollinator and wildlife habitat development.  Pete has 35 years of experience of working with conservation programs and building innovative partnerships. He now works with corporations, non-profits and landowners to develop habitat projects, help build fund-raising and administer habitat programs. Peter also develops innovative solutions to conservation limitations and provides leadership on pollinator health and habitat issues.



Services Available

Pete Berthelsen is a renowned wildlife conservationist. As the President of Conservation Blueprint, he offers a wide range of mixes and services to those wanting to plan, create, and maintain helpful wildlife and pollinator habitats.  Conservation Blueprint creates custom seed mixes available for purchase, and can assist with project design or habitat consultations. Whether you’re interested in a honey bee mix for in Iowa, a custom designed pollinator habitat plan in Michigan or anywhere else in the country, we can help you create a friendly plan to meet your objectives.