Conservation Blueprint

Pete Berthelsen is a renowned wildlife conservationist and pollinator habitat expert. As the President of Conservation Blueprint, he offers a wide range of experience, seed mixes and services to those wanting to plan, create, and maintain helpful wildlife and pollinator habitats.

Conservation Blueprint designs custom seed mixes available for purchase, and can
assist with project design or habitat consultations. 

As highlighted in this Conservation Blueprint profile, just because a plant is flowering doesn’t mean it can effectively support pollinator health and habitat. Get in touch with us to build an effective pollinator habitat today!

Services Available

Conservation Blueprint brings extensive vegetation management experience to solar
energy projects. We focus on delivering the specific objectives of each project into the
work products we produce. Our specialization is in the following areas:

  • Vegetation management on Utility-scale solar projects
  • Seed mixture design (see our available seeds and species here)
  • Seed mixture procurement
  • Vegetation management plans
  • Public hearing support
  • Post-establishment management
  • Recommended list of installation vendors