Quail Paradise Mix

Quail Paradise Mix

Designed as a Permanent Wildlife Food Plot

Seed Rate: 6.6 seeds/ft2
Cost: $274.50/acre

This mixture is designed to maximize the benefits for upland wildlife like quail and pheasants.  While ragweed might have a bad reputation when it comes to hay fever and allergies, it is one of the most beneficial food sources for upland gamebirds.

When considering the cost of this mixture, bear in mind this is a “permanent food plot” as the ragweed stand should continue for 5 to 10 years with proper management.

Project Objective Considerations

  • Cost of the Seed Mixture – your project budget
  • Your ability to perform future management activities on the planting
  • Maximum benefits for honey bees
  • Maximum benefits for monarch butterflies
  • Wanting to benefit a wide range of pollinator species
  • Designed to perform on sandy soil
  • Designed to perform well on loamy soils
  • Ability to perform in a site that started with existing grass cover
  • Designed to restore native prairie values
  • Benefits to upland wildlife species like pheasants, quail, deer, etc.

Mixture: 3 Ragweed Species with rice hulls
Common Ragweed – Ambrosia artemisiifolia, Giant Ragweed – Ambrosia trifida and Western Ragweed – Ambrosia psilostachya.  Three pounds of rice hulls/acre are added to this seed as an inert filler to help in the broadcast seeding or drill planting of the mixture.

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